Landscaping your garden and outdoor spaces

Martin Martin paysages - aménagement du jardin - plan d'eau
Martin Martin paysages - aménagement du jardin - plantes

"Nature is a prodigious draughtsman and an incomparable colourist."

Victor CHERBULIEZ (Art and Nature – 1892)

... and this is why at Martin & Martin we work in harmony with nature! With utmost respect for the trees, plants and all that makes up the natural environment of your property, our team arranges and creates your outdoors with passion and taste.
Martin Martin paysages - aménagement du jardin - zoom plante

At Martin & Martin, we care about YOUR desires!

Your garden is alive.... In order for it to bring you continuous joy, we aim to understand who you are and what you wish for.

Our approach is based on a comprehensive picture of your taste and lifestyle. What are your colours of choice? Are you more comfortable in an intimate atmosphere or a more open space? Stone, metal, outdoor sculptures...
What types of feature would you rather be looking at? All these aspects guide us through the making of your garden.

Solid knowledge at your service

Soil types, climate, rock and mineral types, plant diversity, trees, shrubs... We know the French Riviera intimately. Highly skilled and with continuous up to date training, Martin & Martin's team will provide you with advice on improvements on your garden, irrigation, plant selection...

Your property has untapped potential. Through our work we will uncover and reveal it.

Martin Martin paysages - aménagement du jardin - écorce de l'arbre