Provencal Garden

Light from the south of France and captivating scents. Here we are in the very identity of our region of Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur and our terroir.

We will like to associate the old trunks with the rough stone, the warm soil with the scents of lavender or helichrysum... There will be the Olive Tree and the Cypress, two Iconic heritage trees.

Well thought out, a provencal garden requires moderate care, usually the most care is needed in autumn and winter, when plants are quite dormant but still growing roots, to prepare for the oncoming summer.

Martin Martin paysages - jardin provençal - vue olivier

A welcoming and vibrant garden

in which we like to wander, pick herbs or beautiful sun-drenched vegetables.

It is designed around the way of life of these occupants. When creating these gardens, we like to use a large part of the old species present (leaning trees, hedges deformed by time, etc.) in order to preserve the history of the place.

Man is in a compromise with nature.