Des experts pour prodiguer les meilleurs soins.

Fabien Martin is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all forms of tree work, that is why he created a specialized team devoted entirely to tree work. No tree is an inert or isolated being, each root strengthens the soil, exchange nutrients with surrounding plants. Each individual changes the wind pattern, protects the garden from winter frost and summer sunburn.


Rocco Gilli, our experienced tree worker, works his magic to give your trees the optimum care they require. He is passionate about trees and for 11 years has worked with the region's greatest tree workers, taking the time to learn, and explore with them each aspect of the trade, until he mastered them perfectly. It is with love and respect for trees and nature that he practices his art.

Tree assessment

Nous nous déplaçons sur chaque site, et prenons le temps d’analyser l’arbre et son environnement afin de délivrer l’avis le plus pertinent. Martin & Martin works in an ecological dynamic, nous mettons tout en œuvre pour garantir la beauté de vos lieux et la santé de vos plantes à travers des méthodes durables.

Once we have made a full assessment effectué, nous préconisons les Care & Interventions suivants :

Martin Martin paysages - abattage palmier

1. Abattage des arbres

As much as possible, we make every effort to preserve your trees. But when necessary, we will safely cut a dangerous or sick tree down and dispose of it.

2. Haubanage

When a tree is unsteady or leaning, due to a storm, or following its transplantation or even after root disturbance, we can work at realigning it. Cables or ropes are attached to the trunk and anchored, in order to stabilize and secure the tree while allowing it to take root or extend its lifespan without endangering the people living around it.

3. Taille et Élagage

Our certified climbers are equipped with a telescopic cherry picker, as well as all other necessary equipment, to work to safety standards in all situations.

  • Tree shaping
  • Securing large trees
  • Fruit tree pruning

Where appropriate, we leave dead branches that will serve as shelter for birds and insects, therefore participating in the biological balance of the garden.

4. Traitement biologique

Use of gentle, biological methods to control pests and diseases, such as the palm weevil or the processionary caterpillar.

  • Use of pheromones for deterring reproduction
  • Setting up of insect traps
  • Installing bird nest boxes for species that will eat pests

Preventive and curative biological treatments

5. Nettoyage des sols

All soil has a history, some old activities leave traces. A sick tree may suffer from the presence of certain metals in the soil. We remove lead and other toxic materials from the soil to allow the tree to recover its health.