A Sensory Journey

This style of garden is ideal for those who want to find a tranquil haven at home. Very eclectic, it differs in its composition compared with the traditional French Riviera garden.

Since the 19th century, the memories of distant journeys brought back by the English, in particular, have built the plant history of our department. It was even a strong sign of the success of the big bourgeoisie and the aristocracy. They met in Nice, at the Société Centrale d'Agriculture et d'Horticulture, to show or exchange plants.

Martin Martin paysages - jardin végétal - cactus
Martin Martin paysages - jardin végétal - palmier diamant

Thus, in this type of garden, we find Species and varieties from all over the world. These subjects will be acclimatized and will be of strong botanical interest, even oriented towards the collection.

Planting codes can be quite loose. They can express a range of different looks, from the specificity of a terroir to the lushness of a tropical climate...

Of course, the plants chosen will be adapted to the climate and agronomic qualities of your vegetable garden. In our Alpes-Maritimes department, this can vary in just a few dozen meters. In addition, it is possible to make many different combinations of plants and to combine those from very distant continents: Australian and South African plants with Mediterranean plants.

Nature dominates.

Plants grow lushly while we observe and respect their opulence, keeping it under loose control.

Martin Martin paysages - jardin végétal - plantes
Martin Martin paysages - jardin végétal avec cactus
Martin Martin paysages - jardin végétal - cactus