The story of a company developed from son, father... in yarns.

In 1978, original founder Pascal Martin, trained at the Antibes Horticultural College, and thereafter created his company Pascal Martin landscapers, offering his services to residential properties in the region. Pascal's father,who also trained at the Antibes Horticultural College, joined the business 4 years later. The company then became Martin & Sons. With his passion and talent, Pascal further developed his skills and knowledge and the small company made a name for itself locally.

In 2000, Fabien, his eldest son, won a BTS Landscaping After a Bac Agricole. In turn, he then called Pascal Martin & Sons, and learned the ropes of the trade with his father.

A new vision for the business

For 3 years, Fabien trained himself to create landscaped spaces. Then, for 12 years, he carried out the pruning and maintenance missions. Nature fascinates him. Fabien observes the trees and gradually understands how each tree evolves to adapt to its environment.

2012, original founder Pascal Martin must leave the company for health reasons. Fabien and his brother Bruno then acted as interim manager.

In 2015, Fabien buys Pascal Martin & Sons. He brings new ideas and breathes new life into the company. Fabien's main ethic is to work with nature, not against it. "Nature is incredible. And to get the most out of it, you have to understand it and deal with your environment. A garden is always unique. It must be a sanctuary where you like to walk, rest, dream, and share."

Today, Fabien Martin and his team are proud to present their new name, as a family tribute and in the continuity of the company's history. It is only natural that Pascal Martin & Sons becomes Martin & Martin.

Based in Australia, Bruno manages the second design office. On the other side of the world, he brings in-depth knowledge of plants and trees adapted to a different climate with, at times, extreme temperatures and precipitation.

Respectful of the environment, Martin & Martin favours the use of natural products and recycles on site 100 % of its green waste.

Martin & Martin is creative and knowledgeable in fulfilling its clients wishes and requirements, and offering the best solutions. With a workforce of almost 30 people , the company strives to bring even the most demanding of customers' dreams to reality.