Contemporary Garden

A simple vegetal palette combined with a Graphic Composition aims to establish a delicate rigour, thus creating a Refined visual balance in landscaping.

The contemporary garden emphasizes a Graphic identity by the shapes of plants, beds and lawns.

It is necessary to press the masses and the contours with a profusion of flowers. Emphasize the contrasts of shades of green and different types of foliage.

The contemporary garden is often designed around a architectural or natural element. A house, a swimming pool, a cliff or a remarkable rock.

Specific areas will be defined by the plants used. We like to keep the spaces bathed in sunlight and oriented towards a Unobstructed view.

Plants are pruned and shaped in sharp and precise forms. Soft grasses undulating in the wind contrast with the regularity of their foliage.

Constrained, but at the same time flowing... These gardens require very regular care in order to constantly guide its development.

Man dominates Nature, tames it.