French Riviera Garden

The gardens of the Riviera evoke a sense of travel, to California for example.

Even if these plants come from other continents, they have been present for a long time on the French Riviera, which has appropriated them. The Palm trees are very numerous and have become as emblematic as the Olive Tree or the Cypress.

The design of these gardens takes into account the Difficult nature of the place. In particular, at the level of its soil and its level of exposure (coastline, slope facing the setting sun, etc.). This is truly the style specific to the Alpes Maritimes.

It is possible to create this style of garden around a Very modern and new construction. Just like with a Old house steeped in history.

Martin Martin paysages - jardin végétal avec piscine
We find here a vast array of plant species, and we take care to combine flowers and colours tastefully.
Exoticness merges with the surrounding landscape in a tasteful and manicured composition.