Martin Martin paysages - jardin contemporain avec piscine

A stylish and minimalistic range of plant species, in a geometric composition, for a clean and modern look.

The contemporary garden displays a sharp graphic identity, through the careful selection of plants with distinctive forms, and geometrically designed garden beds and lawns. Groupings of flowers can be used to create volumes and highlight contours. Contrasts of different tones of green and types of foliage are frequently utilised in the modern garden.

The contemporary garden is often centered around an architectural feature or natural element. This could be a house, a swimming pool, or a dramatic cliff…

"Rooms" can be created in these gardens, by partitioning areas, which can be achieved using plants or masonry work. Open spaces with plenty of sunlight and an unobstructed view have these qualities kept in the design.

Plants are pruned and shaped in sharp and precise forms. Soft grasses undulating in the wind contrast with the regularity of their foliage.

Constrained, but at the same time flowing… These gardens require very regular care in order to constantly maintain their structure over time. Here man has a tight control over nature.

Martin Martin paysages - jardin avec maison contemporaine
Martin Martin paysages - jardin contemporain - entrée
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